Friday, August 31, 2007

Self-Interest or Altruism?

There was a bit of confusion in regards to a graphic organizer.

To remedy the problem we will conduct an experiment.

20 bonus points are up for grabs.

Self-interest or altruism?

Self-interest: The individual and the commenter will get 1 point each.
(Maximum 10 points for the individual; 1 point each for commenter)


Altruism: The individual receives 2 points per commenter.
(Maximum 20 points for the individual; o points for the anonymous commenters.)

So will altruism or self-interest win?

I will close the thread to comments Monday afternoon. In the event of more than 10 commenters the first group that gets 10 commenters wins.

Reminder when voting if you choice altruism, just type "altruism". Any attempt to identify yourself is not altruism. Self-interest requires a post that includes your name or I will not know who to award the point to.

Self-Interest defeats altruism 3 to 1. Apathy or marginal analysis dominates.

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