Friday, September 28, 2007

Parents: Questions, Comments, and Suggestions

After an extremely poor results on the demand test. I have decided to issue books to the period classes. I had hoped the fill-in blank notes would be successful in getting the student to focus and pay attention in class and at the same time to move at a slightly faster pace in order to include the additional material that must be taught this semester based on the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS). The readings I provided apparently did not help students to gain a greater understanding of the material, I suspect largely to the fact that the reading handouts went unread.

We retested on demand today. Hopefully, the scores will be much improved. The issuing of books was generally well received. I hope they will be used. I think that most of the students now realize that economics is a subject that you must understand, not memorize. A lot of it is common sense, but many things also seem counter-intuitive until they learn to think like an economist.

There is no reason for panic. I think I now have their attention and I expect the test scores to have reached the low water mark. There is one test between now and the benchmark test (10%) given at midterm. We will be ready for it if they cooperate, work hard, and study.

The block class is performing very well. No problems at all. We are testing about every 4th day and the test result are among the best I have ever had. The students in that class like not having a book and enjoy the fill in the blank notes.

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