Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Do We Need Another Stimulus?

If there is any “recovery,” it is a false recovery, one based not on any tangible economic progress but rather on financial trickery and printing money. Our “recovery” is a fraud perpetrated by Washington and its Amen Chorus in elite higher education and the mainstream media.

For the U.S. economy to have a real recovery, the economy first must shed the huge number of malinvestments that piled up like garbage on New York streets during the last unsustainable boom. Unfortunately, as the economy dumps these failed investments, that means people who were employed in those areas also lose their jobs, which simply is unacceptable to the political classes.

Had the Bush and Obama administrations left the economy alone, those malinvestments would have been shed quickly and the economy now would be moving toward a real recovery that could be sustained over time, employing new people in those sectors. Alas, the political classes believe that “inactivity” is anathema, so Bush and Obama engineered hundreds of billions of dollars of “bailouts,” which have served to prop up whole sectors of failing enterprises.

What does that mean, economically speaking? It means that instead of being directed into those sectors that could have grown without aid from the government, resources are being shoveled into the economic equivalents of bottomless pits. Americans are forced to prop up domestic automakers that are bankrupt, keep zombie financial institutions going on life-supports, engage in energy policies that literally destroy wealth and produce less energy, and to be taxed even more so government can destroy the part of the medical sector it has not already ruined.

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