Monday, October 26, 2009

Stimulus or Sowing the Seeds of Depression?

Government intervention, in all of its forms, distorts the market place; it directs scarce resources away from productive ventures to unproductive ventures. The measures, taxation, borrowing, and monetary inflation, which the government utilizes to pay for the extravagances of its various stimulus proposals and other constitutionally dubious programs, generate negative economic consequences. Economic prosperity is the product of innovative entrepreneurs who use capital, which is derived from real savings, to produce additional goods and services that market participants can purchase at lower prices. The government stimulus plans encourage capital consumption, which reduces the supply of goods available to consumers, and lays the foundation for an economic depression. The government’s response to the current economic crisis is the identical policies that contributed to the Great Depression. This is not the appropriate foundation for long term economic prosperity, but the inappropriate path to economic ruin.

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