Sunday, October 24, 2010

FOMC and QE2

Person, PositionFOMC MembershipQE2 Position
Ben S. Bernanke, Board of Governors, ChairmanFOMCYes
Janet L. Yellen, Fed Vice Chairman, Board of GovernorsFOMCYes
William C. Dudley, New York, FOMC Vice ChairmanFOMCYes
James Bullard, St. LouisFOMCYes
Elizabeth A. Duke, Board of GovernorsFOMCYes (probably)
Thomas M. Hoenig, Kansas CityFOMCNo
Sandra Pianalto, ClevelandFOMCYes
Sarah Bloom Raskin, Board of GovernorsFOMCYes (probably)
Eric S. Rosengren, BostonFOMCYes
Daniel K. Tarullo, Board of GovernorsFOMCYes (probably)
Kevin M. Warsh, Board of GovernorsFOMCUndecided
Charles L. Evans, ChicagoAlternateYes
Richard W. Fisher, DallasAlternateUndecided
Narayana Kocherlakota, MinneapolisAlternateUndecided
Charles I. Plosser, PhiladelphiaAlternateNo
Christine M. Cumming, First Vice President, New YorkAlternateUnknown


My thoughts: For those keeping score, Thomas M. Hoenig, Kansas City and Charles I. Plosser, Philadelphia are the only ones who have a clue. They believe inflation is a bad thing and that the Fed should not actively promote inflation.

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