Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mogambo Guru on Alan Greenspan

The guy responsible for all of this suffering and misery is, of course, Alan Greenspan, the lunatic former chairman of the Federal Reserve who personally created all the excess money for all the years that produced the bubbles in stocks, in bonds, in houses, in derivatives and in the cancerous size of a gargantuan deficit-spending government.

And since Greenspan is an old man now, if we are going to wreak vengeance upon him for the inflationary bust that is unfolding all around us, so that all future chairmen of the Federal Reserve will remember with a shudder the fate of those who foster crazy monetary booms and allow the money supply to rise to produce inflation in prices, we had better do it soon.

If not, we will be whacking on a dead guy which loses something in the “lesson” department when video footage could show Greenspan begging for his life and saying how he is sorry for having created so much money, that created so much consumption, that created so much new debt, that created so much new deficit-spending government, which produced so much more government, which created so many new people now dependent upon government, which created the “need” for more taxes and more deficit-spending, which was accommodated by the creation of more money by the Federal Reserve and the demonic Alan Greenspan, turning government deficit-spending and Federal Reserve over-creation of money into a hellish, poisonous brew that will combine, like a tornado inside a hurricane inside a tsunami during an earthquake caused by getting smashed with a huge killer-asteroid, to produce horrific inflation in prices.

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