Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mogambo Guru on Inflation

The Eternal Ugly Truth (EUT) is that 4,500 years of history has conclusively shown that any inflation in prices is Bad News (BN), especially a sustained, years-long inflation, and anything over 3% annual inflation is always Bad, Bad News (BBN). So, 5.9% inflation in prices would be considered, continuing in this vein, Really Bad, Bad News (RBBN).

If you are NOT likewise screaming in horror and surreptitiously checking to see if you have, likewise, peed in your pants as you suspect, then I assume you are either drunk, stoned, distracted, stupid, or have remarkable bladder control, or else you know very little about the Austrian school of economics – the only true theory of economics, and which can be found, free, at – and thusly I know that you have no interest in using Mogambo’s Iron Laws Of Economics (MILOE) to intelligently invest your money in gold, silver and oil when the foul Federal Reserve is creating trillions and trillions of new dollars – Every Freaking Year (EFY)! – so that the corrupt, bankrupted federal government can borrow it and spend it, also EFY! EFY!!!!

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