Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Framework

The Framework: Explained from Mises Media on Vimeo.

These are the books that built the austro-libertarian movement as we know it - all available in the perfect size and for the right price.

There was a time when a month's salary couldn't acquire these books - if you could find them. And then they were also huge and unwieldy.

We've fixed that with these brilliant and fun pocket editions. So now you can have Mises's masterpiece, Rothbard's masterpiece, the works of Bastiat, and the best case for monetary reform by the greatest statesman of liberty ever - and all for $40. That's a total of 4,000 pages!

The Mises Institute worked very hard to make these books right - in terms of binding and printing. And now we see the payoff: uniform sizes in this incredible size.

This is the collection to own, gift, and read for a lifetime.

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