Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bill Bonner on the Economy and Gold

Bonner writes:

Still, we’ll stick with gold. Gold has gone up too. But for completely different reasons. You buy US Treasuries when you have faith in the system and the people running it. You buy gold when you don’t.

T-notes have gone up because the lumpeninvestoriat seeks to protect itself from natural market forces. It looks for safety in the world’s ersatz reserve currency – the dollar. As Alan Greenspan said, the US won’t default. It can always print more dollars!

Gold has gone up because smart people know that there is only one money they can really trust. There is only one currency that won’t disappear. And there is only one financial reserve that will hold up to a real crisis.

That is gold. Gold is back on its throne – as the world’s One True Money. Wise governments, wise investors, and wise families are buying it to protect themselves from the jackasses who run the world’s money system.

A few days ago, Ben Bernanke was asked about gold. Ron Paul asked him if he considered it money. ‘No,’ he said. Gold was just a commodity. Like bauxite or guano.

But now commodities are tumbling. If gold were just a commodity, it should be going down with copper and lead. Instead it is soaring.

Why is that, Ben?

Ha, ha, ha…so you see…the financial world is fun again. Yes, England is smoking from riots. Europe is on the edge of a complete financial meltdown. And America is sinking into depression. But we can still laugh at the morons who rule us. We can guffaw and snicker at the people who are supposed to know what they are doing. We can curl up in spasms of mirth at the knuckleheads who run the world’s financial institutions…

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